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Hope you like moths :)

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Name's Scrawny, and I'm an artist and writer.

The internet's a vast place, and while there're an awful lot of places for me to host my content, I'd prefer if I could keep a record of my own.

I'm a fanartist by-in-large, however I also have plenty of original work, which I hope to showcase here. I'm also fond of gardening, crochet, and cooking. Might post about that every now and then. Rambles, are ~of course~, to be expected. Brace yourselves.

I host my published fic on AO3. I have an old FFN account, however I keep that up for posterity's sake. Perhaps one of these days I'll return to it and update what I have there.

As for my original work, I was planning to host some of it on Dreamwidth, however I struggle to find consistent community-- Unsurprising, unfortunately. May-or-may-not post some of my longtime WIP here, though that might get murky depending on how I publish it; whether I want it associated with this name or not. We'll see!

Current interests are: Final Fantasy VII, The Legend of Zelda, Hollow Knight, and Fromsoft games :)

This place is heavily under construction, so bear that in mind.

(btw: all the plant pics are mine :))